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F-0x aims to create an impact throughout societal borders, classes and cultures. With curated elements of modern pop-culture, underground street fashion, urban-jungle lifestyles and well known elements from street fashion, the F-0x collection of artworks is a cornerstone of the development of web3 utility-artworks.

Sprinkled with a sense of pure perfectionism, clean looks and AI generated color matches, the F-0x collection will be a proud part of your digital art portfolio which erases borders between pure digital artworks and the ones you would want to hang on your wall in your new crypto-paid studio apartment in Tokyo, New York or Berlin.

Clean art, simple lines, clear colors and emotional depth combined to an artwork that you will connect with – that is F-0x.


Inspiration is all around us, we just have to take a closer look.
F-0x is based on very personal experiences in the webspace and suburban popculture taking place around us daily. Heavily inspired by the hypebeast movement, legalization crowds and webspace hipsters, the F-0x movement was born.
With pure intention to honor the parallel-society of rule-breakers and non-conformers we have created this rare piece of internet history owned by a community of like minded people that now is on the seekout for success and unusual ways of finding their place in this universe.
In this weird timeline – caught in a stream of highly unlikely and rare events in which we established a pure meme-level culture to cope with challenges of our reality, F-0x honors those that lead and give direction in ways we have not seen before.
Let’s gather together, prosper and connect with each other to create and build the foundation of the world of tomorrow in cyberspace and reality.

Maybe you will be able to grab a F-0x with a rare merch-drop item in it. Who knows what will happen with those in the near future?

Some F-0x are dipped into drip inspired by street style around the world. Some others are everyday goofballs with deep emotional connections normally not emitted by still images.

F-0x artworks are a living hommage to worldwide influential fashion icons, cultural explorations and a very distinct feel only radiated by a true F-0x.

Colorful explorations of fashion, anime, culture are mixed with just the right amount of innocently decadent post WAGMI lifestyle. Everyone will find a F-0x to connect with on a deep emotional level.


The F-0x collection is algorithmically generated from over 185 elements with multiple Trillion combination possibilities. Each F-0x in itself is the result of a extremely rare combination of attributes and elements captured on a canvas of 2048 x 2048 pixels.

All elements have been created by the very talented, Berlin based digital artist YINKZU. She paints and creates since her childhood and has developed a very distinct artstyle over the years which results in a visual experience that treats the eye with an incredible amount of detail while maintaining a pleasing simple look.

She creates patterns and visuals with an incredible low amount of lines and smart placements of creative shadows to create plastic, nearly three dimensional experiences in her 2D artstyle.

YINKZU will be our creative partner for the F-0x journey and will lead our creative team for the production of coming visuals, experiences and interfaces.

Exotic combinations and plain simplicity are equally exciting. We are sure that you will find a F-0x that will suit your style and life just right.


Incredible artworks are combined with state-of-the-art developments in generative art workflows. The F-0x generative arts algorithm (FGAA) contains specialized color harmony checks to ensure that any created artwork will be flawlessly color-matched to the main attributes of any artwork.

Our algorithmically created and dynamic color palette allows us to create artworks that just work flawlessly. Colors pop and fit and enhance each other like never before. Each artwork will look like it was individually color graded to match its components.

This is a worlds first in generative arts and we think it is great.

Wild color combionations just work – thanks to algorithmic color matching. Everything for our members with fine eyes and geeky tendencies.


Learn how you can get your very own F-0x to be part of the exclusive community of
non-conformers and leaders of our timeline.