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nfts are pure childhood excitement

Most members of the F-0x crew got into NFTs through the magical experiences we had in our childhoods. We all knew the feeling of opening up freshly bought packs of our favorite trading cards like Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh! and trasuring the moment of seeing the cards one by one. The magical reveal process of exploring what cards were in our pack of choice and the thrilling rush of excitement we all got because we knew that we could be rewarded with one of the rare cards of the series.

When we first heard about NFTs, the connections to the feeling of our childhoods just reappeared immediately. We knew that NFTs offer possibilities that we as adults now would cherish again. In order to recreate this feeling for our community, we throughoutly planned, structured and designed our vision of true community and brand excitement in the world of web3. The concept of shared ownership of what could be of the most exciting brands in the decentralized web space got us all to come together and combine our talents to realize the F-0x project.


In recent times, gas wars and unfair minting tactics used by many teams have closed the market for legitemately interested and new players that lack the funds to compete with professional gas-war centric flippers are locked out of projects. 

F-0x is not centered around professional sellers that are looking for a cheap buy and profitable and fast flip. We are creating long lasting value and a brand that sticks out. One aspect of such brands is the legitemate and truly connected community, which supports the project and has a truthful interest to prosper together.

In order to archive our goals of creating a fair minting process for all interested people, we have created a minting phase with 3 steps in which we will enable everyone to fairly participate and buy at a price that they are comfortable with while maintaining the ability to gather a community of long-term focussed members to build a strong brand with.


We have created a 3 phases minting process which will allow us to reduce a lot of pain points from previous project launches. We have deviced the launch process into 3 phases: The Premint Access, Whitelist Sale and Public Sale.

With our approach we can guarantee:




1000 SPOTS

Tokenzied access to the premint at discounted rate for all members owning an OpenPass.

You can get your OpenPass starting on May 1st 2022 and will be whitelisted for the premint if you hold your OpenPass in your Wallet on June 1st 2022.

The OpenPass will grant you access the OpenPonds beta as well as whitelist you for a variety of discounted project mints.




2500 SPOTS

Access to the mint process for addresses that have been whitelisted during the initial launch phase.

You can apply for the whitelisting until June 1st 2022.

Whitelisted addresses will be able to mint for reduced price. Initially 1000 spots will be given to community members including early supporters and choosen community members with high engagement.




6500 SPOTS

The public sale will be open to all non-members and those that did not made the whitelist at the normal mint price.

The public sale will continue until all F-0x have been sold.

Roadmap activations will be enabled once we have reached certain thresholds.



We at F-0x believe in the experience that early NFT drops brought us with all the excitement, fun and surprises they brought. In order to create a fun experience for our members in times of botted buy-ins, automated flipping and harmful market participants, we had to come up with challenging dynamics that would create a safe environment for our members in which the main idea of NFTs can thrive and prosper again. We are certain to have created a great system consisting of active member rewards with a highly curated MintClub and accessible mint-spots for everyone interested in joining the community.

While we realize the critique this brings with it, we think that our approach allows us to build the brand we imagine for a long term focussed and highly motivated audience and with genuine and supporting community members. We believe that we open up the F-0x ecosystem for just enough people to have a fair dirstribution while also rewarding highly interested members of inner community circles at the same time.

Together with our web2/web3 merging products and more engagement-enticing project phases, we are sure to have built a system which is here to stay, here to thrive and here to win.