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Welcome to the f-0x experience!

F-0x  is a collection of 10.000 highly coveted NFTs – digital collectibles powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Your F-0x doubles as your exclusive membership pass and grants access to members-only benefits like the F-0x experience app and real life social venues.

Future benefits will be unlocked by community roadmap activations during the mint process.

Join us in the YAMA

Visit us in the Yama, a virtual piece of cyberspace in which we gather, prosper, seek for inspiration and energy to expand our minds and evolve to our full potential.

Join us on the journey and meet like-minded people with which you will steer the wheel of the most influencial technology and lifestyle brand of the future.

BUY A F-0x

Join the initial F-0x sale and mint your very own F-0x to your wallet.
Secure your F-0x for mint price of 0.08 ETH.



Each F-0x will be minteable for a price of 0.08 Ethereum – No tricks, no bonding curves, no special off-market sales. All F-0x will be available in the genesis-sale period and can be minted for the same price. F-0x membership costs the same for everyone.

The F-0x contract is open source and verified on Etherscan.


*The F-0x team will set aside 25 F-0x for giveaways and promotional stunts


F-0x is owned by its members and everything we do is based on the concept of shared ownership of the intellectual property of the F-0x brand. We encourage our members to build and create to expand the brand in a decentralized fashion.

Limitless ownership including commercial rights are granted to each holder over their owned F-0x. We can’t wait to see what you will build with the IP of your F-0x.

Read about the granted rights and licenses of the F-0x IP.

the f-0x mission

We have set long term goals for the projects realization which will allow us to fund each set goalpost. Once we reach each sell-trough percentage, we will begin realizing the stated goal. With the set percentages we can ensure that each goal will have sufficient funding and acquired talent to be realized.

Each step is carefully considered to set the groundwork for the long term success of the F-0x brand. Once we have reached 100% of our roadmap, we will switch to a multidimensional roadmap which contains community goalposts – voted for by the members of F-0x and decided upon by the YAMA club.

You can also explore what we are up to on our mindmap. A clear process with dates and deadlines will be given once funding for the steps is secured.

  • 10%
    We pay back our people
  • 20%
    We release 5 of the reserved F-0x which will be airdropped to random members
  • 30%
    F-0x Spotify Playlist and Youtube Radio
  • 40%
    Members-Only F-0x Launchday Merchandise Store
  • 50%
    Treasurehunt in the YAMA - The winner will receive 5 ETH and a F-0x
  • 60%
    F-0x Support Rewards - We give away 8 F-0x to our most active supporters
  • 70%
    10 Legendary F-0x Reveal - F-0x supercharged with 10 special themed 1 of 1 Editions
  • 80%
    F-0x Experience App
  • 90%
    Company Registration, Founder Reveal
  • 100%
    Artwork and Rarity Reveal - 1 Year Roadmap Reveal


The Technologist

multitool of technicals - Too lazy to trade crypto and programmed alogorithms to do the hard work, newly found web3 enthusiast, the fintech guy


The Artist

The sweetest artistic cuddleball - produces crazy artworks and moodworks like a machine. Creative mastermind of F-0x and newly found, passionate nft connesseur.

Empro Tomato

The Connector

fully fledged social unicorn and media manager - press and relations director. Crypto enthusiast for what feels like decades - alsways knows whats hot in the space.


The Lawyer


This coud be you

F-0x is expanding its team.


This coud be you

F-0x is expanding its team.


Join the F-0x team and create the most influential web3 brand
together with a highly dedicated and international team. ​



Each F-0x is algorithmically created from a combination of ober 180 possible traits from outfits, headware and special furs. Every F-0x is completely unique with some F-0xs being more rare than others.

The F-0x collection was designed by YINKZU, our curated and passionate art-loving crew member and newly found web3 enthusiast.


F-0x is a collection of 10.000 highly coveted NFTs – digital collectibles powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Your F-0x doubles as your exclusive membership pass and grants access to members-only benefits like the F-0x experience app and real life social venues.

There will be 10.000 F-0x and the first 10k will be the last 10k.

You will not be able to mint any more F-0x after the first series is sold out.

You will have to use aftermarket marketplaces to trade and buy a F-0x.

A F-0x will be minteable for different prices across different phases of our sale period. Learn how to mint and determine the price of a F-0x during the mint phases on this page.

Visit this page to learn everything about how to mint a F-0x.

If no F-0x are left to mint, you will have to use aftermarket marketplaces like Opensea to trade or buy F-0x.

Yes, your F-0x will be yours and yours only. By acquiring a F-0x you are granted full commercial rights for your owned F-0x NFTs and we are excited to see what you will build.

F-0x NFTs are stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and the artworks are hosted on IPFS.

We like to pronounce the name like this: “| ef ˈzɪərəʊ eks |”

It is a combination of the english word “fox” and the beginning of any ethereum address.

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